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There must be a balance

December 20, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Politicians, in order to get elected, preach platitudes, make promises, inspire us with integrity, agree to protect our neighborhoods and in general convince us they will represent taxpaying homeowners.

On the campaign trail, every current council member has bellowed that the Cape needs to be more "business friendly." As candidates, they unwitting perpetuate the false "gospel" preached by paid business lobbyists who accuse Cape leaders of being indifferent to the needs of the business community, and not encouraging business growth. This inaccurate statement is used by a candidate to reassure voters that they will bring more businesses here, thus collecting more business taxes and ultimately lowering taxes for homeowners. This empty campaign rhetoric is false, however, it can spell trouble for neighborhoods.

The problem is that when politicians believe their own flawed rhetoric and behave in a manner that clearly favors business and hurts the homeowners who voted them into office, something stinks.

At the last council meeting (Dec. 16), homeowners from the Lake Kennedy area pleaded with council not to jeopardize the peace and tranquility they enjoy in their single-family neighborhood homes on this lake complex, by allowing a privately owned Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) calling itself a "kayak club" to establish their "business" in this area. Homeowners presented a clear outline of the problems of mixing powerboats and kayaks, articulated very real safety issues, expressed concerns as to how this will effect property values and vocalized their overall distress on this issue.

However, the pied piper of the "kayak club" enthralled council with his fanciful vision of the fame and finances he will bring to the Cape as the home of Olympic champions and the "business" profits that will follow.

Don't hold your breath.

The council voted 8-0 in favor of the business and humiliated the neighbors by telling them that council knows best. No council member gave the neighbors the benefit of the doubt. Not one official stood up for the individual homeowner. This business does not belong here. Council got nothing for pandering to illusions.

Over time, this city has responded reasonably to the business, real estate and construction industries. Elected officials need stop feeling guilty every time the industry lobbyists tell you what we owe them. It has nothing to do with campaign contributions?

We are a city of strong, beautiful neighborhoods. It is our identity. Council must stop feeling ashamed of that. Yes, we need good business in the Cape. We need strong neighborhoods. There must be a balance.

Council is the only protection neighborhoods have against the machinations of the profit people. This current council has shown its intentions.

The new mayor, on election night, chortled to the TV cameras, the Cape is "open for business." Hold on, the new "order" is here and it's not going to be good for neighborhoods or individual taxpayers.

F.C. Perry

Cape Coral



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