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Numerous issues to be addressed

December 12, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I urge anyone who reads this to write their elected representatives both locally and at the federal level to communicate your concerns about high taxes and common sense legislation. There are so many topics I could list endless streams of issues. The issues are simple at all levels of government - common sense issues dealing with providing services to the general public. Enacting and legislating laws, regulations, setting taxes, etc. that are requested by the people our elected representatives owe their service. Not ruling the people who have placed them into office.

Just at the local level of Government here in Cape Coral, Fla.:

1. How many of the citizens here on the Cape enjoy paying an additional 7 percent on their utility bill through LCEC?

2. How many of the citizens of Cape Coral like the idea that our elected officials decided to sue the citizens of Cape Coral to initiate another tax stampede? And it was the taxpayers of Cape Coral that paid the legal bills, not our elected officials.

3. How many of the citizens of Cape Coral are concerned about the integrity of our election process? Granted, I am not the commissioner or staff of the elections board here in Lee County, but what I've learned in life is the ole saying "where's there's smoke, there's fire" stands out. When any citizen in our community disputes the election process, especially in a court action, all of us need to take notice and inquire why is this happening?

4. We were told by our City Council that our streets would be repaved here in the northeast section of the Cape commencing in November 2013, hence the reason for the 7 percent new utility tax Hey, it is now December, when will the work commence on my street? Where are my new levy of taxes going to?

On the State level:

1 Mass transit for South West Florida?

2. Job creation - there have been some inroads made with Hertz moving to Lee County, but there is more we can accomplish to help this process along.

On the Federal level:

1. Are our Congressman and Senators who have been elected communicating on a regular basis with our Governor so they know what needs to be accomplished for our region and state?

2. Do our Federal Congressmen and Senators communicate with one another in the process of assisting with the needs of our local communities and Southwest Florida?

3. What are our elected representatives doing to lower our tax burden?

4. What and why are they attempting to up end the best medical system in the world with the enactment of this Obamacare legislation? Why are they not addressing these issues for the people of Florida? We cannot allow them to use party line as an excuse; we need to communicate our desires so they know how best to represent us and that is not to rule the people of the state of Florida but to represent them.

5. Why has the Congress (Senate and House) allowed the President of the United States to enact executive orders over the past five years (25-plus or more) ranging from immigration and health care? This usurps the power of the Congress. This disavows the powers enumerated in the Constitution of the United States as to what each branch of government is responsible.

6. If you feel that there needs to be established a new amendment to the constitution on term limits for Congress and the Senate, write them and let them know how you feel and why. Our representatives are exactly what they are supposed to be - representatives for a time period, not for life. Representatives in our political sphere were not intended to be professional, they were to be citizens like the rank and file of our society. Or that is what the intent was from our founders.

7. As the local and state governments have learned, our budgets need to be balanced. The same is true for the federal government in Washington, D.C. Hence if you think there needs to be a Balanced Budget Amendment, tell them so. Write our governor and let him know what you want so he can communicate our needs and desires to these elected officials.

What I am expressing here is that each vote, each voter, each citizen, each individual that communicates will be heard. But it takes your action to make it happen. We need to stop being complacent, we need to communicate and vote, we need to be a proactive citizenry. I am seeing this in Cape Coral and we need to see more.

Dick Peppe

Cape Coral



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