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It’s not all right

December 12, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

An open letter to Congressman Trey Radel.

Congressman Radel,

It has recently come to my attention that you have decided to resume your duties as representative to the people of Southwest Florida as early as Jan. 1.

This decision comes as a complete surprise to me, as it appears that your rehab took an inconsequential period to resolve your problems of substance abuse. As a professional, I can only say that this is nothing short of a miracle. Having known numerous addicts from my previous medical career, I cannot reconcile this with those experiences.

Most addictions, especially those with the use of hard drugs usually take a span of years to resolve, and even then, they are still waiting in the background, waiting for the slightest weakness for them to return. However, I guess with our esteemed elected officials' maybe this does not apply.

While you may be "cured" for now, what will happen when you are alone one cold Washington night in your office along with the pressure of the job -getting reelected for the umpteen time for instance -getting to you. With the pressures to align your vote, or please some lobbyist or try to balance the many conflicting burdens brought on by the responsibilities of your office. Only by this time, you have gained privy into some of our national secrets, and can leverage people who make decisions that could very well change the course of history, and the security of our republic.

Like most addicts, recovering and otherwise you will find a way to rationalize, and a way to make another connection. You will get your lift and go back to work. Then, find out later your connection, has a connection who has bigger fish to fry in D.C., not just to make chump change, but has grander plans with people in power in is hands.

I am not saying that you are not without integrity, and do not have the fortitude to challenge such a villainous approach, but in less than two months into your tenure as Congressman you have proven to be a prevaricator -even though by omission and someone with less than an iron will against hard-core temptation.

What I believe is that you are already addicted to the hustle and fast life of being a Washington politician. I cannot say that I blame you, but the power and attention you get both in Southwest Florida and D.C., is much more than you will ever have, as an ordinary nine-to-fiver.

Hiring handlers to burnish and bend the truth, is another sign of your unwillingness to face the truth of the matter. It will not erase the fact that you continue to prevaricate, not only to your constituents, but also to yourself, and everyone that you touch.

We are not as insipid as you think we are, even though the cabal you are attached to now, believe that we are.

With this on your record, how can you justify creating and voting on law and order issues? As an addict (the "ex" will never come) how can you make a stand on issues concerning the regulation of controlled substances.

You will never be able to be cited in the media without them having to remind the world of how you omitted to the people of Southwest Florida, that you were a coke junkie. Maybe all right for some politicians in other cities or countries, but not all right for the person who represents me in the halls of Congress.

Philip L. Abbondanza

Cape Coral



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