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Inmates running the asylum

December 5, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Well, what do you know, elected officials are testing the political winds and expressing that Congressman Radel needs to resign.

Yes, you guessed it, these are the same individuals that are presently dwelling at the bottom of the respect ladder. They are accomplishing nothing for the American people, and their degree of credibility is the lowest in history for elected officials.

There is no doubt that the Congressman did the wrong thing and the public trust was violated. But let's examine some facts. First of all, let's see if the public trust has ever been violated in the recent past without consequences.

It seems to me that not long ago we heard a President of The United States say "I did not have sex with that woman."

Of course that was a blatant lie -?and we forgave.

Then there was the IRS debacle. The Constitution was violated and taxpayer monies were spent without rhyme or reason and no one has been brought to task.

Bengahzi and fast and furious. Americans murdered, including an Ambassador, and there hasn't been any accountability.

And, in the immediate wake of injustice and forgiveness for the indefensible we now have the same despicable public officials turning on Congressman Radel because he seems to be an easy mark and an opportunity for a clear path to further their own ambitions.

Radel's transgression was neither wild sex in the oval office in the White House, or the theft of millions of dollars, or the murder of American Patriots.

The Congressman's violation has been classified as a "disease." He's human, he's sick, and he's being treated.

If the sickness was cancer we would all rally around him, we would help him, and we would sympathize with his family. Well, it's not cancer, thank God, it's an addiction that can be cured and the piling on by holier than thou opportunists is nothing more than a sick commentary on 21st Century politics.

Finally, Congressman Trey Radel was elected by the people, not by the governor, not by other senators, and not by any political organization. It is "the people" that must decide if Mr. Radel should continue to represent us in Washington. The people should determine if a bright and talented human being should be kicked to the curb and not provided with the same level of forgiveness that other undeserving individuals enjoyed.

The attack on Congressman Radel is an obvious attempt to deflect attention away from so much more that needs fixing.

Elected officials need to stop the nonsense and start doing their jobs!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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