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Give Radel the opportunity to recover, a chance to return to work

November 27, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

After reading the Cape Coral Breeze's opinion page and a few other letters, I would be remise if I did not share my opinion regarding Congressmen Trey Radel's personal problem with alcohol or other drugs.

I have read a few editorials and letters that appear to rush to judgment for Trey's human flaws even when he is willing to put his life in the public eye to help our community. These letters display ignorance and righteous judgment on someone who suffers from a disease.

There are many in Congress with alcohol or drug problems and a current president who openly admits he has used cocaine and pot in his life in his own self-authored book, plus a secret service agent who claims Obama is still using drugs in the Oval Office.

There are congressmen who drive drunk and kill pregnant girlfriends (Ted Kennedy) and take advantage of women in the oval office (I did not have sexual relations with that women -Bill Clinton) and did not resign, and then continue in their elected seat without any responsibility for their actions.

We have a president who lies to the people about Obamacare and destroys others' health care due to Obama's arrogance and self-centered ego. If any citizen lies to the government you are convicted of a felony and face jail, however, not congress or the president. The point being, there are many in congress who need to resign and many changes need to occur, however, we have a congressman who accepted responsibility of his actions without a long drawn out trial because he is a conservative and he accepts responsibility and he, most importantly, did not lie to us.

I am sure some or possibly more of these authors submitted to this paper have also drank a little too much in their life, or done acts that were inappropriate, possibly smoking pot or using cocaine. A drug is a drug is a drug and I ask each of you to reflect on whether you had the courage to face your mistakes and take responsibility and be exposed publicly to all your adversaries waiting to remove you from office and to destroy your reputation or hopes of recovery from a disease that is no different than cancer or the flu.

Trey Radel is a good person, father, husband, and responsible, representative, and responsive congressmen who has helped numerous people in Southwest Florida. I faith in our medical profession and Trey Radel because it's not what happened to him, it is what he is going to do about it. I have the belief this honorable man has the courage to decide what is best for our community and that is why we and I voted for him. He is a person who will make hard decisions and he will decide when he finishes his treatment program whether to continue or to resign.

I encourage him to continue and do the hard job because that is why we elected him.

I wish Congressman Trey Radel a speedy recovery and get back in there and vote to stop Obamacare and stop the increase in our debt ceiling and get our country back.

Thank you Trey, and thank you to his wife and family for struggling through these times. Trey, do not resign! Get back into the fight!

Jack Mattachione, MRC

Master in Rehab Counseling

Cape Coral



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