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Sullivan works with the people

October 25, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I have a good chuckle every time I read a letter to the editor from Dolores Bertolini lambasting our current Mayor, John Sullivan, and telling readers to vote for Marni Sawicki.

A year after we first moved to Cape Coral my husband and I received a letter from the city informing us that we had a $23,000 assessment to run pipes along the road of our approximately 85-foot wide property. When we and an enormous amount of people went to the council meeting about this, John Sullivan (not then a mayor) stood with us. Dolores Bertolini was then a councilwoman of our district, SW4. We will never forget her comment to us about this assessment - "Well I had to do this, why shouldn't you." After much complaining and meetings, we got approximately $3000 knocked off the assessment, but it wasn't Dolores Bertolini who was willing to assist us with lowering this assessment.

Now my question is this, would you want someone in office that Dolores Bertolini recommends, or someone who works with the people? John Sullivan is the best choice for mayor.

On a second thought, we just received our electric bill and we have an increase of $14.91 this month for the Cape Coral 7 percent tax. In 10 months I will have paid the $150 the council indicates they need from each homeowner. Will I get refunded the difference? Me thinks not.

If you are as upset with the tax-and-spend politicians as I am, it would be wise to vote out Kevin McGrail who voted with council members Marty McClain, John Carioscia, Lenny Nesta, Rana Erbrick and Derrick Donnell for this tax. They are not working for the people.

One other thing, why do I see all these Kevin McGrail signs on empty lots and not on one's habitation?

Susan Valenza

Cape Coral



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