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Now they have filed suit against us to get more of our money

October 25, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

First they said they needed $20 million in new taxes or 517 City employees and the City programs they support will be eliminated, the City would grind to a halt and the sky would fall. Then they said they needed $20 million in new taxes to pay for roads and vehicles or the City would become a wasteland. Now they say they need $20 million dollars in new taxes to fund the Fire Department or it will cease to function. Which shell is the new tax pea hidden under today?

To get what they want they cooked up the 3 legged stool with 2 broken legs. The City Manager says this extra $20 million will give the City "Economic Sustainability." I wonder? Is it possible the reason the City wants another $20 million or more annually from residents, taxpayers and property owners is to insure the City has "Pension Payment Sustainability"? Six members of the current City Council, often referred to as the "Slick Six" have unfailingly supported city staff and union plans for excessive spending and more taxes from us to pay for it, regardless of the consequence to the taxpayer.

The city's latest tactic to sue its residents in court using taxpayer funds to pay for the city's high-priced law firm to extort more money out of the taxpayers through legal technicalities and loopholes under the disguise of a Fire Assessment Tax is their most outrageous, unscrupulous, underhanded, deceitful effort yet. And it will only get worse unless you vote the tax-and- spend candidates out. Instead vote for the candidates who stand opposed to out of control, runaway spending. Those candidates are David Headd and Rick Williams.

Also Mayor John Sullivan and Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz have consistently and steadfastly opposed and voted against new taxes, spoke and testified against the new Fire Assessment Tax in court on behalf of taxpayers (that's you and me).

Be sure to vote on Nov. 5, and vote for John Sullivan, Chris Chulakes- Leetz, David Headd and Rick Williams if you want to bring fiscal responsibility and sanity back to Cape Coral.

Lee Mars

Cape Coral



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