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Experience counts

October 25, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Cape Coral city elections are but weeks away. In the mayoral race it has come down to two candidates. Is this a difficult choice? One candidate is a new face, says she can restore civility to the City Council, can bring new ideas and brings experience with her marketing background. Sounds good but without prior experience in the community, in our local government, and with a full-time job, can she succeed as a full-time mayor. Can we agree; we don't really know.

On the other hand we have a mayor who has gone through the learning process, running the meetings, and performing the public functions as the major of the largest city between Tampa and Miami as a full-time Mayor. He is a retired business executive while living and being involved for the past 10 years, not a newcomer. We know who he is and what he is about. No one can argue that he was very involved and had a passion for the city years before he became mayor.

Is this Mayor position a full time job? Not by the charter it is not, but don't you believe our current Mayor is available full time, and don't you agree it does require full-time effort and a passion to service. Our current Mayor is available, and certainly has the passion not for the position of elected office but for the City of Cape Coral.

Remember five years ago we had a man who was a new face, said he could restore civility to Washington, bring new ideas but without any real experience. Do you think the newcomer hype paid dividends?

Please review the results. It does take experience and running for high office does require experience and a long-term background in public service. How can you judge intent without a record to back it up?

Here we have a man of character, a record and a passion for the city, not for public acclaim. My vote clearly is for our Mayor John Sullivan to serve again for a second term. There are places where the other candidate can get involved, gain the experience and in the future run on a proven record. Now is not the time, join me and vote for Mayor John Sullivan.

Tom McNulty

Cape Coral



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