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Conundrum in D.C.

October 18, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Recently we have been bombarded with an excessive amount of political propaganda, and some outright lies by both major political parties regarding the "government shutdown" as both parties and the president all attempt to sell their opposing agendas. The entire news media has added fuel to the fire by not only repeating all of this trash, but have, in many cases, added their own wild speculation and innuendos, 24/7.

I for one, am tired of being subjected to all of this prejudiced and abstract news reporting. This practice tends to perpetuate these somewhat unintelligent agendas to a general population appearing to have a lemming demeanor.

Why are we constantly fear mongering the public attitudes to further specific political agendas? What happened to sound and honest investigative journalism? Did it die with Dan Rather when he got fired for reporting the honest news report about a politician's military record on the network evening news? I hope not. We appear to be getting a lot of "yellow journalism" in recent years.

All of the TV news networks are speculating about the negative effects of a prolonged government "shutdown," such as a most severe recession worse than the one in 2008 or a large financial crash worse than 1929. All of this wild speculation because both political parties are trying to gain the upper hand. As I see it, the rather small group in Congress that are trying to re-establish fiscal responsibility within the government. The news media and many politicians are demonizing them for having an attitude to manage our government's fiscal policies in a responsible manner. What is wrong with fiscal responsibility? Believe it or not, it is necessary.

The government has been closing down various functions such as all federal parks, monuments, etc. I saw Nancy Pelosi on TV saying "There is nothing else we can cut." Someone needs to inform her we have in the neighborhood of 1,000 overseas military bases that we get absolutely no financial return, unless you are a part of the "Congressional-Military-Industrial-Complex" that President Eisenhower advised us to beware of in his farewell TV speech. Start shutting down these bases. Please also advise Nancy we have been fighting an unnecessary war for 10-plus years and give away billions of dollars of unjustifiable foreign aid. How did anyone with her attitude and mentality ever attain and hold a seat in Congress? President Obama hinted that if this shutdown goes on much longer, Social Security checks may be in jeopardy. Another example of underhanded pressure politics. He also thinks overseas military bases are more important than senior citizens. He also needs to get real.

One of these days, the American people might very well discover that American politicians and bureaucrats will violently resist losing their parasitic grip on the citizenry. I only hope that happens before the USA is hopelessly over the edge of the financial cliff and we are experiencing total civil unrest. Unless we change directions, that will most likely happen, and in the not too distant future.

Robert E. Workman

Cape Coral



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