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We could just brand them...

October 18, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I read with a fair amount of puzzlement this morning an article concerning Edison State College and convicted felons.

With education being, in many ways, the doorway to a fruitful future, we find many now who would deny that to convicted felons. On the surface this seems like a reasonable position, after all who wants to sit in class with a convicted felon? That would be tantamount to sitting in church next to a sinner! Heaven forbid!! Society imposes a sentence after being found guilty of a crime with the intent of rehabilitating the offender. Then, after the offender pays society's price for being found guilty, society now endeavors to deny the very avenues that can add the building blocks to a responsible life. The logic of this position is confounding. I liken it to those who oppose the death penalty for a convicted killer yet they give support to aborting an innocent human being.

These same felons, when they are able to obtain employment, pay taxes for the very institutions that will deny them their product. This sounds wrong. Sort of, well, like stealing with a legal twist.

Today the mantra is to make life completely safe. Let there be no possibility of injury or mishap. Yet, life is a "contact sport" and being on the playing field is much more important to sitting in the stands where it is safe.

If we are "innocent until proven guilty" then we must give that same legal consideration to those who have not yet been proven guilty of a crime they have not yet committed. But by denying the opportunity to share in the benefits of society is to place the mantle of guilt upon their shoulders for imagined crimes not yet committed.

Joseph Kibitlewski

Cape Coral



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