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City Council needs more balance

October 18, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On Nov. 5, your voice is needed. Your vote will decide whether we primarily TAX or GROW our way back to prosperity in Cape Coral.

I object to the Public Service Tax because it is a BAD tax. It unfairly targets fixed income families and businesses that are still struggling. It will impede the commercial growth we need for true tax diversification. Council prematurely passed the PST tax, before property tax revenues were known and without enough study or citizen input. That's just irresponsible leadership.

Many of us are still reeling from the recession and are balancing on the edge of poverty, still facing foreclosures and business failures. We need more leaders who will approach raising taxes and increased spending more judiciously. I feel we need additional revenue for infrastructure maintenance and operating needs, but we don't need BOTH new taxes, as we are in an improving economy with rising ad valorem taxes.

We're all tired of partisan politics and the inability of elected officials to get anything done in Washington and here at home. City employees and unions support a generous tax and spend philosophy and represent a large, special interest voting bloc. What we need is more balance

Knowing how council will vote before citizen's input is an outrage. Let's involve our citizens and business owners to move us toward smarter, measured growth. I am a pro-growth, fiscal conservative who will vote to ensure every tax dollar we seek is well-justified and every dollar spent is prudent and in the city's best interest. I belong to no special interest groups and am not endorsed by them. As the people's representative for Cape Coral City Council District 6, I will be beholden only to you, the residents, businesses and taxpayers of Cape Coral.

I've been a highly involved and respected leader in city and county government for nine years and have helped lead crucial changes in planning, zoning and water management. I served my country for 22 years in the U.S. Navy and continued my civilian career in biomedical engineering. Being a council member has become a full-time job. I am retired and eager to put all my knowledge and experience to work FULL-TIME for you!

Your vote on Nov. 5 is extremely important. I ask for your vote so we citizens can start working together.

Rick Williams

Candidate, District 6



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