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Promises made vs promises kept

October 11, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There was once a time in this city where an election was defined as choosing a candidate who could be trusted to safeguard the public's best interest as a whole. In fact, the best way to determine in years past if an elected official was doing a good job was that you never heard anything about them in the media. No grandstanding, no hogging air time on local news casts, and absolutely no destroying someone else personally to improve your own image used to actually be commonplace. That's not say incidents such as those described previously didn't occur, but they were much scarcer than they appear to be today.

Let's fast forward to the current climate we now find ourselves in. Ah yes, another Cape Coral election, or also known as: The laughing stock of South Florida politics. The troops from one camp in particular have obviously been sent out in force to incinerate the personal reputations of those they disagree with politically. I know this because none of the "troops" are talking about issues, only personal mishaps/missteps which may, or may not, have befallen some of the candidates in their personal lives. One can often ascertain if one candidate fears another in a general election following one simple guideline, that guideline is the previously mentioned dispatch of troops to destroy an opponent's personal reputation. Looking at this election in particular it appears only one camp has implemented such a strategy. Actually, in recent years only one camp has continually implemented such a strategy, not only against political rivals, but against anyone who disagreed with them on any level, even against every day citizens on a regular basis.

Well, here we go again. They're taking that one last swing for the fences, hoping against hope they can pull off what they did one time before when our city was plunged into chaos never before witnessed here. I would never presume to tell anyone who they should vote for in any election. It is a personal decision which should be made by weighing all available information pertaining to the issues. There's a novel idea huh? Actually making such an important choice based on issues.

It seems the choice is a rather simple one when all things are considered. Do we want a council which exhibits a genuine interest in safeguarding the public trust, or do we want to return power to a group who is only interested in what can be done to help themselves? Facts don't lie; they never have and never will. As I said, they are back in full force, as evidenced by the comment sections here and in all the letters to the editor which are continually written with the express purpose of misdirection away from the issues. Just look at the evening news casts, the comments here, and the letters which have been denied publication due to the possibility of advancing slander against a candidate. Promises made before an election are plentiful, promises kept after an election are rare indeed.

Don't tell me what you can do for me, tell me what you can do to keep our community viable and positioned to take advantage of any upswing in the economy. I, like many others used to be, simply aspire to leave a better place than I received from my predecessors for my children to enjoy and prosper in after I am gone. Nowadays it appears one group in particular wants to deprive any future generation the stepping stone needed to get there by taking from them instead of assisting them by leaving a better place.

It's time to stand up on Election Day, to send a strong and clear signal that selfishness will not be tolerated. To show that the "I've got mine and the heck with you" culture that has permeated our fine community has been soundly extinguished. To show that our sole purpose is to make sure we hand off a community to the next generation which is more viable and stronger than when the last generation gave us the responsibility to safe keep it. Funny isn't it, when you look at each election in those very simplest of terms the choices become extremely clear. Use your vote to safeguard the futures of your children and grandchildren, which should be our one and only consideration.period.

J Angiulo

Cape Coral



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