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Vote Sullivan, Chulakes-Leetz, Headd, Williams

October 11, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As most of us know, it is very unusual for a decent, moral person to run for political office. They are usually seeking wealth and power through their special interest groups. Their link to being there is not the welfare of the residents but the welfare of themselves and their select group.

Here in Cape Coral it is no different. The only way to know who is who is to look into their history. Who are they connected to? Do they have connections to City Government or City Unions? Do they own or work for a company that does business with the City Government. If they held a City Council position previously, how did they vote? Did they vote in a direction that makes the City Administration responsible for their spending or did they hastily vote to raise taxes?

These are red flags. If the City Council works for us and the majority of us do not want new taxes why are they voting yes to new taxes?

Think about it. Councilman McGrail voted yes to new taxes, He is not there for us! It is not hard to spot the special interest candidates in the upcoming election. In the Campaign Treasury Report we see that the City Unions made very heavy contributions to Kevin McGrail, Jim Burch, Marni Sawicki and Richard Leon for their campaigns. Huge red flags here folks!

On the other side of the coin, if a candidate actively pursued change in their government for the benefit of the taxpayers through speaking at City Council meetings or writing letters to the newspaper or held a City Council position and voted no to new taxes it would be a big plus in trusting a candidate. John Sullivan and Chris Chulakes-Leetz fit into this category. They are residents with no ties to the Unions or City Administration. They, like us, want a fair and responsible government.

Keep the Unions out of your pockets. On Nov. 5 vote for John Sullivan, Chris Chulakes-Leetz, David Headd and Rick Williams. Please remind your neighbors to vote. Thank you.

Tony Elia

Cape Coral



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