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Broadcast media needs to prioritize local elections

October 11, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In the September, 2013 primary elections, less than 8 percent of Cape Coral registered voters went to the polls - a dismal showing! But, how could we possibly expect a larger turnout when a great many of Cape Coral voters were not even aware that there was a primary election going on?

Now, again, as all of us who care know, our next general elections fall on Tuesday, Nov. 5. However, due to a seeming "Conspiracy of Indifference" on the part of our local television media, it would appear that nothing of any significance is taking place on that date.

Is it conceivable that the local TV media are treating the general elections as an inconsequential event? Do they consider the petty deeds of local criminals and mischief makers more momentous than an event on which the future of Cape Coral is at stake? In fact, the only reference made to the elections two days ago was related to a woman who was caught with a back-seat-full of signs belonging to one of the candidates for mayor.

Is the TV media aware that their "Conspiracy of Indifference" can only serve to keep the candidacies of those who are currently vying for seats in the City Council and the mayor's office in the shadows? Are they aware that their silence can only be construed as tacit support for the incumbents? Is this the local TV media's intention?

At the very least, the local TV channels should, from time to time, cover the various political campaigns and, in so doing, enlighten the citizenry of Cape Coral. This can only be construed as their civic duty.

Winston Negron

Cape Coral



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