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Proposed sign ordinance will hurt small businesses

September 27, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

To anyone on Cape Coral City Council who'll actually take time to read this: We do not, I repeat do not, need the sign ordinance touched at this time. You'll destroy small businesses as we know them. They are the heart and soul of Cape Coral - quit messing with them.

Also this ordinance should not be recognized because the councilman sponsoring it shouldn't even be on council. When it came out in April that McClain moved out of District 1, he forfeited his right to stay on council. He purposely misled the voters and all citizens of District 1 who elected him to represent them. The city charter says you have to live in your district and the Slick Six, headed by McGrail, let him keep his seat, thereby themselves failing to enforce the city charter. Do you people who can vote really want a person re-elected that failed to enforce the city charter?

Also, if you love higher taxes and so- called fees and assessments, vote for McGrail, Burch, and Sawicki. They'll see to it that taxes go up just to support special- interest groups, especially union workers.

If you really want to take an interest in your city and keep taxes low, then re-elect John Sullivan mayor and re-elect Chulakes -Leetz.

And all you disabled veterans that can vote, remember it was Kevin McGrail who led the tax on your electric bill saying vets get enough tax breaks already. Remember, vote him out of office.

Jim Shannon

Cape Coral



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