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The Cape Coral election

September 27, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Reading some of the comments concerning the candidates, we can't help feeling that some small-minded individuals believe that the best interests of the city are served by inserting the element of "hate" into the conversation. Shamefully, rather than pointing to the good qualities of their choices and indicating why these people are better suited to move Cape Coral forward, their conversation turns out to be a childish rant denigrating individuals simply because there is a difference of philosophy.

We have before us a serious and very important election. I assure you it is not a race that should be determined by puppets dancing in the streets with signs. Or by candidates making wild empty promises. Or by hideous unfounded comments by irresponsible individuals.

There should not be a man vs. a woman consideration. Factually, in the Mayoral race, we have two good people.

Mayor Sullivan has performed with professionalism. He has demonstrated honesty and integrity. He has kept his promises and has always acted in the best interests of the city.

The Mayor is respected throughout Cape Coral and beyond and has demonstrated remarkable compassion and understanding of all the pressing issues.

His opponent is probably a nice person. However, she is inexperienced, relatively new to the area and she cannot possibly have a handle on the complexities involved with the job. No doubt, she would bring to the mayor's seat nothing more than another person with the tax-and-spend philosophy and it would signal our approval of those on council that have chosen to ignore the will of the people.

The choice here, if we are to have a chance to move the Cape forward, is simple and no one should be confused by irresponsible, vindictive comments or empty promises.

In the council race, of course, Chris Leetz should be the choice.

Here again we have a contest between two individuals who we can be clear about. Councilman Leetz has demonstrated an extraordinary grasp of the problems and has articulated every issue always in favor of the citizens. He has served the city with honor and dignity.

In the other Council race, it's clear again.

The incumbent led the charge for higher taxes and the challenger is advocating a more compassionate and conservative approach.

John Sullivan and Chris Leetz have earned your vote and you should not be persuaded by infantile distractions. It would be constructively professional if opinion writers set aside their unfounded and unproductive vitriol and focused on an honest evaluation of the contestants. John Sullivan and Chris Leetz are the clear choices!

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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