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Support means taking action

September 20, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

This in an Open Letter to Rep. Dane Eagle

Dear Rep. Eagle,

A few months ago you said to us that you would be honored to sponsor a Second Amendment Protection Bill in the Florida House. You enthusiastically affirmed your support for the Second Amendment and the need to protect our rights. At the same time you agreed without reservation that the 10th Amendment approach to resisting federal overreach was appropriate and needed.

During this time we have continued to cultivate the grassroots support you believed would be necessary to move the bill forward. We met with you to keep you informed of our initiatives and progress. At every meeting you expressed your support of the principles involved and your conviction that it was right to protect the rights of all Floridians.

However we have not once seen you take decisive action to advance the bill or work to overcome the obstacles that developed. Now we continue to see your reluctance to move forward combined with a litany of excuses to avoid sponsoring the bill.

The bottom line is this. Our SWFL Citizens' Alliance 2nd Amendment action team believes you support the principles we share, but we are equally convinced that you lack the courage of your convictions to stand up for our constitutional rights.

We hoped you would be the champion we needed to protect us from federal overreach and the federal government's continuing assault on our rights. We hoped you would step up to every challenge and break through the barriers and overcome the obstacles that always stand in the way of liberty. We hoped you would see this as an opportunity to protect, preserve and defend both the Florida and U.S. Constitutions.

Instead you have given us excuses.

We are disappointed and we are moving on. We believe there is a champion in the Florida House who believes in liberty and will step up to sponsor this bill. We believe there is a Florida senator who will fulfill his or her pledge to the people of Florida and demonstrate courage and conviction by sponsoring this bill. We do not believe you are that person.

For too long we have seen our elected representatives bow to the pressures of political expediency. This must stop and stop now. It is the responsibility of our representatives to secure our rights not advance their careers or protect the political status quo.

We live in a time when the federal government continues to demonstrate its intent to interfere with our God-given rights through congressional action and Executive Orders. It seems that every day we hear reports of the federal abuse of our rights. From attempts to infringe our Second Amendment rights to a seemingly limitless list of ongoing abuses. The time for inaction has long passed.

You recently observed the reaction of voters in Colorado when they recalled two Democrat legislators for infringing their rights. You can see the ground swell of citizen reaction when three Republican Missouri Senators flip-flopped during the attempt to override their governor's veto of Missouri's Second Amendment protection bill. The attempt failed by one vote and it appears the voters of Missouri are determined to correct that failure.

We hope and pray that you will very soon realize that your job as an elected representative is to fight and protect the rights of your constituents and the citizens of Florida. It is not your job to protect or pacify the political leaders in the House.

We do hope you realize the importance of these principles soon and will at least decide to co-sponsor this bill.

In Liberty,

Rick Stevens

SWFL Citizens' Alliance

2nd Amendment Project Team



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