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Vote Sullivan, Headd in the Primary

September 6, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Primary is upon us. It is imperative that you make every effort to get out and vote in this Primary.

Check out all the candidates.

Do you own background checks. It is really quite simple, you can use Simply type in a name, click enter and watch what comes up. You can also try

Do a Google search or use another search engine to see where candidates have been and what they have done in their past.

Do not put any credence in newspaper endorsements as a lot of that is just the good ole boys at work, especially with that other rag that they call a newspaper!

For Mayor there is only one clear choice and that John Sullivan. He has served the residents and taxpayers of Cape Coral well. He kept all the campaign promises that he made to you, when he was first elected to be our Mayor. Interestingly, his record is clear as the driven snow.

In District 1 the clear choice is David Headd. He is fully informed on the issues facing Cape Coral as he has lived here in Cape Coral since 1988 and is ready to hit the ground running, when elected.

I have done all the background checks I noted above and have come to the ineluctable conclusion that John Sullivan and David Headd will be getting my vote. Please join me by voting for Sullivan and Headd in early voting, absentee ballots or on Sept. 10.

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral



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