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Lee County Field of Dreams

August 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Opportunity: The former Red Sox City of Palms baseball stadium's No. 1 possibility for tenancy is the Washington Nationals baseball team.

Problem: Allegedly, Lee County has around a $30 million budget discrepancy and also the county needs $30 million for renovation of City of Palms ball park which would make it much more feasible for a Major League team to consider making Fort Myers and Lee County their new home.

Solution: I propose the selling a type of non-voting stock option certificate for funding the $30 million needed for renovations which would show substantial community support. Absolute factall professional baseball teams are on the verge of making tons of money with new television contracts. The TV contract money alone for advertising the games of the Washington Nationals or the other national teams which train here (Red Sox and Twins) along with the Tampa Bay Rays whose exhibition season is in Port Charlotte and with even the possibility of a future team in Cape Coral would create terrific competition toward bringing in a substantial tourism increase and go a long way toward funding the City of Palms renewal project.

Now, we have a new company in Gateway that is a telemarketing firm. I suggest negotiating with the firm and any other independent minded telephone solicitors that would like to make unlimited funds in selling advance tickets and the promotion of Lee County as the "major league exhibition baseball capital of the world." Every individual in this country, not county, country could be a contributor. We would have a $100 certificate, a $500 certificate and a $1,000 certificate and a special $5,000 certificate. Individuals, groups of individuals or corporations that give specified amounts toward this project would receive a series of perks including special opening day tickets, a freshly designed county T-shirt and paraphernalia that has the Red Sox, Twins and Nationals or a different third team. Many special new and old ideas including a number of bobble head nights, and a possible one hundred other ideas will bring Lee County to be seen as the business, professional, tourism and idea capital of the south.

I personally would agree to meet with representatives of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to promote this venture.

This is a chance of a lifetime for Lee County. Success only comes to those who recognize an opportunity when it appears and take advantage of it.

A caveat to this is that any person who brings in anyone that is willing to make a pledge that is paid will receive the standard commission equivalent to the going rate of the telemarketing business and limited only to the amount of pledges or sales that they themselves bring in. I suggest as a bonus the top salesperson would receive a new Chevrolet Impala with all the trimmings in the color of their choice. There should be at least 10 significant prizes and each would have their names added to the new renovation.

Let's get to work!

Jon Larsen Shudlick

Fort Myers



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