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Re: Robert E. Lee

August 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In response to Mary McLaughlin's Aug. 16 letter to the editor titled "Robert E. Lee," I would like to preface my comments with the statement, "General Lee was a part of American history, he's been deceased for 143 years and from what I understand, his portrait has been hanging downtown for over 80 years." Leave it alone!

To Ms. McLaughlin's ridiculous statement that the NAACP "should go to Africa and find their ancestors who originally sold their people into slavery," Does she know anyone still alive from 400 years ago? These people were indeed sold into slavery, but the prospective slave owners had no moral right to enslave them against their will.

It may have been a legal practice at that particular time to enslave and mistreat human beings, morally it was wrong! Just because someone or something is offered for sale, there is no obligation to buy.

In this case, the buyers are just as culpable as the sellers in this stain on our American history.

Reginald Perkins

Cape Coral



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