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Civility called for

August 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

What is civility?? According to Webster's new world compact school and office dictionary, civility is defined as: Politeness, a civil or polite act. Polite means cultured, refined; having good manners; courteous.

Obviously, at least two of Cape Coral's City Council representatives, John M. Carioscia Sr. and Rana M. Erbrick, allegedly forgot the meaning of civility at the Monday, Aug. 19, City Council meeting. Didn't both of them run on the platform of civility?? Hello?? Have they forgotten to read the "Pledge of Civility" which is on the front page of the agenda for the regular meeting of the Cape Coral City Council, and is also on a plaque near their offices? You think? Let me remind every person, especially City Council, to follow the "Pledge of Civility:"

"We will be respectful of each other when we disagree.

We will direct all comments to the issues.

We will avoid personal attacks."

"Politeness costs so little." - Abraham Lincoln

(Pledge of Civility is presented by the City, County, and local government law section of the Florida Bar.)

Was Councilmember Carioscia Sr. respectful when he blamed (in an angry tone of voice) Mayor Sullivan for wasting city money? Hello?! Knowing darn well that Mayor Sullivan has always voted against extra taxes, fees etc.! He has always looked out for the residents of Cape Coral.

Was Councilmember Erbrick out of control when she told (in an angry tone of voice) Mayor Sullivan and Councilmember Leetz to "put on their big-boy pants" and make a decision??

Hello?? Whatever happened to being polite? Having good manners? Being courteous? Hello?? How about being professional? How about practicing what you preach???

Erick Kuehn

Cape Coral



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