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Tax and spend, then fee and spend

August 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As a citizen of the City of Cape Coral that watches the Council meetings on a regular basis I wish to share my observations on how the Council is set up and how it works.

The council consists seven members and the Mayor. After observing this council in action I believe it is divided up as follows.

There are two members that want to be leaders. There are four followers that blindly vote aye on what the leaders propose. Then there are two independent votes, one being the Mayor.

We have all heard of tax and spend; well in Cape Coral we have tax and spend and fee and spend. The council has come up with these fees that everyone will pay and not be able to deduct from their income tax. (They do not want to lower the millage per the councilman from District 2 and the city manager).

I cannot understand why public input is called for on any tax or fee item because once presented the vote has been pre-determined. We all know the vote will be 6 to 2 in favor of the tax or fee.

The city manager was supposedly hired because of his experience, knowledge and ability to manage a city of this size. Apparently this is not true because in his letter he really wants these fees. The spin zone started with the city being blighted if there were no fees, then we went to closing parks without the fees, and finally to laying off firemen and policemen. WHEW, that was a lot to get out but the City Manager managed to accomplish this. Thank you, Mr. Szerlag

Bottom line!

Folks, remember, we have an election coming up and the representative from District 6 is up for re-election. PLEASE read the platforms of all the candidates and VOTE. With the exception of the Councilman from District 4 and the Mayor you can be sure that your wallet will a lot lighter with this council.

Remember, read, listen, watch how the council votes and then you vote.

Tom & Sommay Pritchard

Cape Coral



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