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Cape Coral voting, who, what, where and why

August 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The city of Cape Coral has dominated voting held by those who seem to organize for big industries, unions, and the city workers.

The citizens of this city may or may not know who, what, where or why. This large city in Florida has produced little if any economic growth to stimulate the local economy, yet taxes continue to escalate without concern of what the working class citizen can afford.

More people are moving away from this city and the similarities of what is happening here are currently explained in the recent article posted by Time about the collapse of cities across the nation. Detroit is being featured in this article, however more cities are moving closer to becoming bankrupt.

The Wall Street Crash forced many cities across the nation to cut back on pensions and or other city government spending while Cape Coral spent money like wild fire. Those cities that did not pay attention to their fiscal accountability during these critical times are now in hardship.

Years later this city offers no accountability for the loss of multi millions of dollars spent in haste during the boom years, and continues to enforce excessive taxation, impact fees and extreme costs of the utility expansion project onto those still struggling to make ends meet. If we are facing slower-than-normal recovery in this area who is to blame?

It is unacceptable for any city government to hold citizens accountable for their own mismanagement of finances. Is Cape Coral keeping the real estate market and banks prosperous by enforcing these horrific financial hardships on their citizens?

This city is practicing Regressive Taxation which hurts all middle class families. I am sure future blight will continue here as long as your local government does nothing to stop putting the burden on those who did not ask for or deserve any more hardship then they already experienced over the last six years. Why are the citizens held accountable for something they did not need, want, or vote for? If more people leave this city for other places where cost of living is lower, than what happens next?

You can research other city costs of sewer and water, none so excessive as ours. Many reasons may be offered but none hold truth to the expose' they deserve. Did the city of Cape Coral ever file for federal funding to pay for this big white elephant, the multimillion dollar poop pellet machine, or the UEP expansion? What city can be proud of when the city government creates hardship upon its citizens?

It is your right to hold those accountable, and stop these actions.

You can write to the State Attorney General's office and file a complaint.

You can file a complaint at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and also send letters to your senators. You can start a petition within your neighborhood because it is your right as a citizen to speak up against any inappropriate over taxation or other assessments that infringe upon your rights as a citizen in this city of Florida.

Do you think this city government cares about their citizens when they take harmful steps like this ? Who are they helping?

May I please ask about voting here and for who what where and when?

Deborah Green

Cape Coral



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