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New taxes especially costly to veterans

August 16, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Attention citizens of Cape Coral. The ones who are registered voters but don't vote, either because you don't want to or think it doesn't matter because you think your vote won't count. Guess what? IT DOES COUNT.

We need to replace McGrail with someone who'll vote to repeal the PST, and stop voting to raise our taxes without really thinking of better ways to cut wasteful spending.

You see how McGrail is really hurting the disabled veterans royally. He voted and led the charge against us by saying we all ready don't have to pay property taxes so make us pay the PST and the new, to-be-implemented fire service fee, while all the other property owners are to get a so- called 1 mill reduction in their property tax we disabled veterans get nothing. Now I ask you, is that anyway to treat us vets who served our country faithfully.

We need to keep John Sullivan and Chris Chulakes-Leetz in office -they are the only two who'll fight to keep our taxes from being raised and the wasteful spending from sky rocketing. McGrail is all for raising taxes and wasteful spending. It seems he is leader of the "slick six" - what ever he says or does the other five follow in his goosesteps. ,

With Szerlag in charge of the city we well end up like Detroit. " Bankrupt." You see how he has already got the SS to stick us with the PST and the coming fire service fee. Then he gives out pay raises and bonuses like there's no tomorrow. Do we really need a city manager who can't control his own spending habits? He needs to be replaced as well. but with the SS in charge that'll never happen.

So remember get out and vote get rid of the SS. Vote for lower taxes and better spending control .

James Shannon

Cape Coral



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