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Tree removal at Sirenia Vista park

August 16, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The recent tree removal at Sirenia Vista Park leaves me to believe that no one with any sense is in charge if this park project. Cutting years of tree growth and habitat for animals as well as shade,beauty, and oxygen for humans is unforgivable. Any number of environmentally knowledgeable people should have been contacted before the saw was taken to these trees. The owl nesting tree was clearly marked to remain untouched. Someone may need to lose their job over this debacle. Who is in charge of this project?? What kind of park are you making? One with NO TREES? What do you think your children and grand children are going to breathe? Carbon dioxide?

It was really upsetting to have a tree that was purposely planted by our organization to honor LCEC for their support of our environment, carelessly destroyed. Many other young trees were also damaged. These are living things that are now dead - not rocks and stones.

These trees should be replaced with at least double the number of trees that were removed. Please consult with us, or a tree expert, before the tree selection and replanting is done.

A proud Tree Lover,

Cheryl Anderson

Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife



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