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Good news on the health front

August 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Good news (I hope) to the 72-year old lady who wrote another paper than she loves her insurance and good doctors. She worries about losing what she has. Please don't be overly concerned. I bet you have Medicare. I have Medicare also. It is so good to have something dependable in this uncertain time. I hope you have a good primary care physician who helps you guys with decisions. Medicare is strong under the new health care law. The health care law if allowed to work will extend the Medicare trust for 12 years (2025). In addition, if the care organizations are set up (medical home model, ACOs, etc.) and allowed to work will bring down health care cost by ending waste, decreasing abuse, and over charges. There will also be better treatment of the five most costly diseases with better management to save lives and decrease cost. In addition you will be taught how to make better decisions about your care.

The most costly and wasteful medical treatments occur at end of life. Here is a wonderful opportunity for you and your doctor to discuss your health care proxy and make decisions which will make the most sense for you. Make sure you have a living will.

Now here comes the "I hope." There are a group of legislators in Washington who hate Medicare, the ACA, and especially "ObamaCare." That is why they want Americans to hate the President (African American) and the Muslim name (Obama). Of course they deny it, and of course I would deny it also. Shame on them. So I suggest we call the law the Affordable Care Act. They have voted 40 times to rescind it and pledges not to fund it. They have pledged to destroy it any way they can. Despite the facts that show it will save our failing, over expensive health care system.

They also plan to change your Medicare to a voucher system. Make you shop for an overpriced policy in a market controlled by insurance companies. Did you ask who these legislators are? Well, they are your friendly Republican and Tea Party friends. I certainly hope they do not succeed. I will do everything I can to see that they fail.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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