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Time for a change

August 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It was about eight years that John Sullivan became involved in any civic concerns when he and his neighbors were informed they would be paying in excess of $20,000 for the UEP program in the SW4 area. It was a real concern to those involved because it was the highest amount paid to date for the same utilities. When combined with what was to be known as a boom period, the costs became higher because of the demand brought on by the boom.

The integrity of the move to demand answers from the Council would start to diminish when the accusations against the contractor and city staff became personal and possibly slanderous. Along with this breakdown in civility came claims of more efficient ways of installing the UEP as was done in other communities, such as Port St Lucie. To investigate these claims being made, especially by John Sullivan, the Council empowered a special committee to find the facts. John Sullivan was one of several residents selected to visit these other communities and study their systems and cost to determine what was the best way to install the UEP.

After several months and much discussion among the committee members, the UEP committee delivered its findings to Council. The entire committee except for one reported that our method of gravity sewer installation was the best for our projects. Of course the public grapevine was saying that Sullivan would not change his opinions from his earlier statements, and that was proven true with his being the only net vote.

Subsequent Council meetings became more and more disruptive anytime Sullivan spoke against the UEP, and even other topics that he could allege corruption and worse. This is the mob that led to Sullivan's subsequent election with a very small number of people even voting.

Three and a half years of doing nothing but waiting for something to happen, while the image of the city took a black eye every time the mayor or his supporters talked to the press or a crony claimed employees were stealing again.

So where are we now at this election cycle?

We have a professional city manager with not only years of experience but the understanding of making a city sustainable into the future.

We have an absence of negative images toward the city for almost two years.

We have improved home values for two consecutive years with more projected down the road.

We have a workforce that is fixing the false accusations heaped upon it by self-serving people.

And what is Sullivan's legacy? No truth to the accusations against MWH. No better or cheaper method of installing utilities. No plan to move forward with anything to do with the city. Division and hate among residents that will take much time to repair the needed civility.

And maybe the worst legacy left by John Sullivan and his troops is that damn metal detector at Council chambers. Sullivan is directly responsible for the installation of that devise, making every citizen feeling guilty for watching their elected leaders.

Shame on you, John!

September is our opportunity to give our city the face of truth and vision!

D. A. Kenney

Cape Coral



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