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Tax-and-spend needs to stop

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I have kept abreast of what goes on with votes on the City Council. All I have seen since the election, is a tax-and-spend mentality from six on council. Anytime a vote comes up on council, it is predictable. It's constantly 6-2.

We ran into this vote when the public services tax was approved. Now we will have a vote, soon, on the fire assessment. This is nothing but a new tax. We already are paying for fire protection, which in my opinion, is abysmal.

What about the disabled veterans that, by state law, get a break from ad valorem taxes? Most of them have a very small and limited income.

I wrote to council in general. The response I got back from Councilmember Erbrick was an outrage in my opinion. She only responded with a thank you for your comments. That is not a response to concerns over this issue. The mayor usually sends the same response, so I got what I should have expected.

If anyone that is on council would like to talk further about this, I would welcome a meeting in person, not Councilmember Leetz, though.

I think some on Council would be interested in one story, which is fact, I have to tell about our fire department.

Bruce R. Miller

Cape Coral



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