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Disgraceful threats

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

After watching the Citizen Input portion of the July 29, City Council meeting I am left with a hurting heart, and blood that boils.

A seated council member from district 4, Chris Chulakes Leetz, threatened a constituent. It shouldn't matter if that constituent is a regular citizen or a former elected city council woman. A line was crossed, and it just down right frightening that he would even think he could get away with such a nasty threat. He falsely accused the family was using, or had used, absentee ballots and not following the law.

The gentlemen was battling a disease that was confirmed as Alzheimer's Disease. If someone has this disease, they can make decisions on their own, until often times the very last stages of their lives. Each person is affected differently. If anyone knows ONE THING about this nightmare diagnosis, it's important to preserve dignity and support and care for the caregiver. Mr. Leetz obviously either doesn't care or is grossly ignorant.

This is the second time in a week's time that this councilman has acted out, and inappropriately. I didn't approve of his yelling and screaming during last week's meeting, and I certainly do not approve of him threatening someone to be quiet or he will air something he felt was leverage. That to me is akin to blackmail, and I would HOPE that sort of political nonsense would stay clear of our Cape Coral City Council. Our Council has been and is currently rather colorful now, and we just don't need this. I will NOT be voting for the incumbent, and I encourage everyone who is looking for a fresh, honest, respectful, contentious free, option to vote for Richard Leon. He's a viable option and I don't think he would ever be so disgraceful.

To Mrs. Bertolini, I'm so sorry and my heart hurts that someone could be so cruel to another human being. There is no room for this in Cape Coral, or the world. Not only should he be voted out, but I would hope that he will be advised of ethics and morals. Bless his heart.

Eileyn Sobeck-Bador

Cape Coral



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