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‘Voter fraud’ in the Cape

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

At the last council meeting, an email from Councilman Leetz, was read during citizen's input. The email accused a former councilperson of voter fraud.

Mr. Leetz, if you have reliable information or credible evidence of voter fraud in the Cape, you have an obligation to turn the information over to the proper authority (Supervisor of Elections) so that in can be investigated and handled with due process. You cannot hold that information, in secret, and threaten to release it if your demands are not met.

Second, Mr. Leetz, just because you "believe" something, personally, to be true, it does not make it true. It is a fact, we all have beliefs. However, all your beliefs are not facts.

Do you have evidence to support your accusations?

I must admit that I got a chuckle that Mr. Leetz, chose to impugn a former Council woman, devoted wife, mother, grandmother, community activist, volunteer, and someone who is respected by city staff and employees. Was that email necessary? Have you no decency? Who's next on your list, Mother Theresa?

You have made many accusations during your time in office. You often present your accusations as gospel truth, denigrating anyone who disagrees with you. Some examples: You accused city staff of storm water fee favoritism, not true. You supported the accusations that employees were stealing city gas, didn't happen. You complained bitterly the city was "dismantling" a mom/pop business, because you chose to deny the RFP (Request For Proposal) process demanded by city charter. Why? You condemned your fellow council representatives, who were elected by the voters like you, as being a part of an intrusive, uncaring governmental body that is forcing a water system infrastructure project on citizens that they don't want (per your comments).

This time you accuse a former councilperson of voter fraud, attack the character of this person, and make demands. Has there been a proper investigation? Is there evidence? Is there a sworn statement from someone who witnessed this crime?

Perhaps you "believe" your long-winded tirades and obstructive tactics are what the voters of the Cape want you to do. Unfortunately, your erratic behavior, your accusations, your harsh tone do nothing but give our city a black eye in the rest of Lee County.

I "believe" the voters are going to encourage you to retire. That's my "fact."

F. C. Perry

Cape Coral



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