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Had enough yet?

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Have we all had enough of Leetz yet ? Leetz considers himself the most intelligent person in the room, no matter what room he is in. If that were even remotely possible, he is living proof that intelligence and common sense quotients aren't necessarily equal. In his case, polar opposites.

Leetz's rants, threats and outbursts at council meetings are well known but have now escalated to a disgusting display of unacceptable verbiage and accusations which are a disgrace to the public office he holds and the citizens he represents. When you degenerate a public attended, televised council meeting, that our youth might also be viewing or attending and make reference to another councilman's anatomy, you have crossed the line.

When a Cape Coral resident and former council person, Dolores Bertolini, wrote the council a letter condemning the above behavior, Leetz's reaction was to attack her personally in writing, using a city computer. He purposely misspelled her name and then attacked her deceased husband over exercising his right to vote, referring him as a "Declared mentally incompetent spouse"! Leetz should be removed from office or do the honorable thing, apologize for his actions and resign. However, it has become blatantly apparent that there is nothing honorable about Leetz.

Anybody who supports Leetz for anything, then supports and validates his outbursts, verbal attacks and the recent disgraceful attack on Dolores Bertolini. Dolores, I can't make Leetz eat his words but as a citizen of this city, I am embarrassed by and apologize for his unacceptable behavior. I can't apologize to any of the impressionable youth who may have read or viewed Leetz's actions but I can tell them, this is not an example to follow or in any way emulate, ever.

We can't make Leetz apologize or change his behavior but we can make him wish he had. We can ALL send a message that this kind behavior is unacceptable and will not to be tolerated. If Leetz has no honor and won't resign, WE can end his public career and our public embarrassment. PLEASE VOTE

John Miehle

Cape Coral



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