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Cape Council vote will destroy the city

August 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The slippery 6 Cape Council members have voted to ruin the residents living in the latest U.E.P. destination.

Watching the council meeting and hearing good people plead, cry, and beg for compassion while six council members sat back in their chairs and ignored them had to bring tears to ones eyes.

Only Mayor Sullivan and Councilman Leetz felt the pain and spoke eloquently. Only Mayor Sullivan and Councilman Leetz honored their pledge to serve the residents. And, obviously, only Mayor Sullivan and Councilman Leetz believe that the government should be of the people, for the people, and by the people.

The six shamefully disgusting, pompous, arrogant, and completely devoid of the capacity for feeling the pain of fellow citizens for some strange reason sat in the chambers, looked down on desperate people, and totally ignored their pleas.

Residents talked about not being able to feed their families, losing their homes, and being forced to leave Cape Coral. The response from the 6 was "we're getting a good interest rate and you'll just have to do the best you can." So the slippery 6 voted to ignore the residents and the result is obvious.

We'll have foreclosures in great numbers.

We'll have broken families and shattered lives. We'll have neighborhoods ruined.

And people everywhere will hear that Cape Coral is not a place where morality reigns.

We should all recognize that these are the six who railed against posting the Ten Commandments in city hall. These are the six who believe that they have a mandate to violate citizens in favor of special interest favors. And these are the six who could care-less about anyone who disagrees with their ill-conceived agenda.

With this council, with those six, time is running out for all of us. We must remember this at election time and vote for Mayor Sullivan, Councilman Leetz, and others who respect the citizens.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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