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‘Stand Your Ground’ a significant element in weighing Zimmerman

July 26, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It has been argued that Florida's recent "stand your ground law" played no part in the George Zimmerman Case. While it is true that it has no direct part, it never the less played a significant role in that case.

At the onset it probably made Zimmerman less hesitant in using his firearm. It also appears that it was a factor in the police not arresting Zimmerman at the scene and then and there interrogating him. The police later voluntarily having Zimmerman explain on video his explanation and version of what happened. Those video tapes were later played at trial and in effect allowed Zimmerman to "testify" at trial without having to take the stand and be cross examined. The new law influenced the police at least initially and for their consistency made them better defense witnesses at trial. Some now also argue that the governor, and later the special prosecutor, had no business in bringing Zimmerman to trial stating there was no basis for the charges. I believe second degree murder was an over charging, but the trial judge who had a duty to grant defendant's motion for a dismissal at the end of the prosecution's case if there was no basis for a jury conviction denied that motion.

Our inherited Anglo-Saxon law had its start with the Norman invasion of England nine and one-half centuries ago and evolved over that long period of time. Our Legislature erred in passing so quickly the gun lobby and the NRA's draft of "stand your ground law" I believe it should be reconsidered as it is really an unnecessary law.

Arnold E. Kempe

Cape Coral



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