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Code enforcement goes too far — and not far enough

June 27, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On June 13 a "hearing" was held in Fort Myers Council chambers concerning the "horrible" traffic conditions on La-Fayette Street in front of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul church site. At issue here was what was happening for two hours per morning, two days a week. This "huge" problem was due to the fact that a lot of good people, volunteers as a matter of fact, were distributing food and other necessities to 700 needy families in the area. At this hearing the city's code enforcement board unanimously voted the charity guilty and gave it until July 11 to close or face a $100-per-day fine. I ask you, what has code enforcement have to do with traffic control? I thought this was a police matter. Can you imagine this? In the Cape, we call this group of ineffective, playground bullies "The Nazi Patrol." These meatheads can't even enforce their own requirement that one must have a permit to have a garage sale! Not to mention boats in front yards and of course the one that bugs all of us, your next store neighbors' grass and weeds completely out of control and taking over everything in sight. Call code enforcement? What a joke, don't waste your time.

For this small group of non elected bureaucrats, along with the County Commissioners to deny 700 families of the food they need to survive is outrageous. Let me point out one very important fact in this horror story. When the church was first informed about this problem, they jumped all over the problem at hand; volunteers began telling drivers where to go, handing out leaflets and sticking notices on car windows and megaphone equipped volunteers directing traffic . Sadly their efforts fell onto deaf ears, the fix was in, and the code enforcement ignoramuses voted to shut them down, with the County Commissioners blessings, I might add. I must say that it makes my blood boil to witness one of their little white trucks sitting in front of an illegal sign looking at their onboard computer, talking on the cell phone, eating a donut and having their morning coffee. Well, I guess that's what they do best.

This is a very sad day in the great history of Southwest Florida when we let this sort of injustice happen to our fellow citizens. I do hope the church is successful in their appeal of this unjust and racially motivated decision. Do you really think this would happen in an all white community in Naples?

Jim Healy

Cape Coral



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