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Reviving your pool

June 7, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Without electricity to filter and vacuum pools, that shimmering lagoon in your back yard can turn into a fetid mosquito haven.

To maintain reasonable water quality while you wait for the power to be restored or for pool maintenance personnel to fix damage to pumps or filtration systems, follow these steps:

* Remove all debris from the pool bottom.? A device called a leaf master might help.? It probably won't be much help if there are large amounts of mud, sand or sludge in the pool.

* Add a chlorinator, as in the form of the 10 percent sodium hypochlorite granules, commonly known as shock.

* Super chlorinate the pool according to the manufacturer's instructions.

* Maintain the water in its super chlorinated state until the power is restored.

* Do NOT allow anyone in the water while it is highly chlorinated.

* If your pool needs structural repairs, choose a contractor carefully.? You can find out if your contractor is licensed by contacting your local occupational licensing office.

* Get estimates from several contractors and verify references.

Courtesy Lee Co. Florida Division of Public Safety Emergency Mgmt. and Emergency Operations Center



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