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You be the judge

June 7, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Does the gun lobby own the Republican Party? Apparently, it does - lock, stock, and barrel.

In April, 45 U.S. Senators blocked a bill that would have required universal background checks on all gun purchases. Of those 45 Senators who killed the bill, 41 were Republicans.

The purpose of the universal background checks was to eliminate loopholes in existing laws that currently permit up to 40 percent of gun purchases to avoid any background checks at all. Despite overwhelming public support for this legislation, Republicans voted against it, ignoring the will of the people, as usual.

Neither the slaughter of the 20 children in Newtown nor the numerous mass shootings and countless victims of gun violence in America have been enough to get Republicans in Congress to break away from their corporate masters.

All things considered, the powerful voice of the gun lobby played the dominant role in corrupting all those Republican Senators to block the bill on universal background checks. Does the gun lobby own the Republican Party lock, stock and barrel? You be the judge.

Meanwhile, never forget which party blocks all common-sense efforts to reduce gun violence in our country.

Rob McKelvie

Fort Myers



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