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New tax comes as no surprise

May 31, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

A completely new tax from Cape Coral City Council is not a surprise. The low voter turnout in the last election allowed the City Unions and City Administration to take control of the City Council in 2011. This means that we have a City Council that is looking out for the interests of 5,000 people instead of the 150,000 residents that they are supposed to represent.

Now the City Manager and City Council have figured out how to tax us in a new way, not just once but twice. First the Public Service Tax will be concealed in our electric bill. Very sneaky since the city of Cape Coral has a pension problem, not an electric problem.

Then there is the Fire Service Tax.

I thought we were already paying a tax that funds the Fire Department and the Police Department. What have we been paying for all these years? It sounds like a mismanagement problem. It might be time to seek a new city manager who will solve problems instead of taking the easy road of separating us from our money without a second thought.

Councilman McGrail has also joined this campaign by pushing his doom-and-gloom scenarios to separate us from our money. Someone should ask Councilman McGrail where his doom-and-gloom was when he voted to spend our $13 million on vacant land. Did Councilman McGrail realize that when he voted to purchase this land there would be a shortfall in property taxes to the city? Is it not this same property tax shortfall that Councilman McGrail states is the cause for this new way to tax us?

Six hundred and fifty-two acres of land was illicitly purchased using excess funds from the Stormwater and Water and Sewer Funds. These excess funds should have been returned to the ratepayers. The 652 acres that were purchased are no longer contributing to the revenue from property taxes to the city. After spending this $13 million and at the same time creating a tax shortfall Councilman McGrail is now saying that the city is out of money at the city level. This is not smart leadership. Councilman McGrail states that we must be taxed more. This is only one example of mismanagement. There are many more but you get the message.

The council members who voted to spend our money illegally and who recently voted to tax us through our electric bill are Councilman McGrail and Councilman McClain. Remember these names since their Council seats are up for election in November. We can only blame ourselves for the low voter turnout in the last election. We can fix this by remembering to vote and by reminding all our friends and neighbors to vote. We now know who not to vote for...

Tony Elia

Cape Coral



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