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Keep debate civil

May 31, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, I sat and reflected. I couldn't help but think, and hope and pray, that the lives who were lost to gain us freedom weren't disappointed in what they fought and gave their all.

This past week for example, it came to light that a group of disgruntled citizens, many of whom were apparently supporters of the "Road Ahead" group that were not re-elected last season. Members from this group created a web site, with the words, CALL TO ARMS on the page promoted by "Cap Cape Taxes." Merriam-Webster defines Call to Arms, "a summons to engage in active hostilities."

If this wasn't scary enough, we have other citizens who write threatening letters to our public officials. We have bullies who stir up personal business of people and bring it to light. So they can, albeit weakly, try to move their agenda ahead.

This is why I hope our Saints aren't disappointed. They fought and died for our freedoms, and we have citizens who are, in my opinion, abusing their rights of Freedom of Speech. What sets us apart from other nations, is our ability to have peaceful elections or debates. We can have differences in our country and not be fearful for retribution from the government or from others with different views from our own.

When our elected officials are threatened, or we have citizens who write/promote such irresponsible slogans, we have a problem looming and we need to take notice. We must act responsibly, or we are no different than other violent nations.

I honor our fallen, and thank them for their sacrifices, but let us all not let them have died in vain.

Eileyn Sobeck-Bador, APR

Cape Coral



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