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Cape needs responsible government

May 24, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Well it seems that the SS "slick six" has found a way to forget the City Charter.They feel that it must not pertain to them. At Monday night's council meeting they voted to keep McClain in office although he fully admitted to violating the Charter by moving into another district last year.

This shows intent to not fully represent his district by not physically residing there as it states it the charter that you must do so or relinquish your seat. One of his SS members, McGrail, said all he needs to do is say he moved back into District 1 and all well be forgiven.

It must be nice to ignore the City Charter and act like nothings wrong. Just like the SS bought all that property in the northeast Cape illegally and said nothing was wrong there, either.

Come November we must vote McGrail out, and also try to recall the other members of the SS. We need responsible representation on the dais.

In fact I'm asking all disabled veterans to vote this November and remember to replace McGrail. He's the one that led the way to putting a tax on your electric bill because you don't pay property taxes, also you don't get a tax break on the millage rate like he voted for himself.

Jim Shannon

Cape Coral



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