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Cape Coral Charter

May 24, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I have read the Charter and although not an attorney it is clear residency is only addressed for qualifying for Office. (In legal cases, intent is often used but does not necessarily become a part of the final decision. Or when drafting the Charter, were the creators considering all the problems that would ensue if the elected member was unable to stay in the District?

Before the funky 2 start working on the Charter, I would raise the following questions. What if the Member's home catches on fire and is unlivable? What about the possibility of a sinkhole, a nasty tropical storm or hurricane? What if our entire Council had to relocate for several months because Cape Coral incurred the same devastation that Punta Gorda had to endure in 2004?

I think the writers were smart enough to word the Charter the way it is because they considered these possibilities. Now it remains to be seen if we are smart enough to not change it.

Sharon Davies

Cape Coral



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