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City taxation expands blight, not prosperity

May 24, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Two weeks ago the city of Cape Coral voted on raising the taxes by attaching a FEE to our electric bills.

They did not say if this fee was going to be fixed or rise. They did not comment on the other fee for the fire department, when and how that would also be handed down.

Did they consider our below national average in home values, loss of incomes. and forced foreclosures from the great Wall Street crash and or the over-assessed U.E.P.? Have they ever done the right thing?

They told the public that other cities in Florida have these fees attached to their electric bill, when in fact Fort Myers does not have one. They seemed to over look the gross overcharge of two times the excessive U.E.P. assessments that the citizens are being shoveled as though many in this city can afford any of these fines or fees they are already delivered.

I would like to know how many people have lost their homes due to the U.E.P fees or fines, the fall of our housingmarket and who many thousands of jobs lost during the past five years.

Mr. Jim Roach's article said it all proving why taxation in Florida is the second worst in the country. There are two kinds of taxes and what we were all handed was a regressive tax. This was an unjustified approach to over tax the lower income. A grim report is that the Cape household only make about $24,000.

This was an unfair oversight by the city with little or due respect to the citizens who voted for this council. Furthermore, the city made another mistake hiring a consulting firm to the sum of $15,000 of taxpayers' monies that gave them wrong information about how, who, where, and when. Someone is making money!

The city's economic planning department has yet to produce positive economic growth through light industry or educational institutions that would bring in positive income without taxation to the citizens of this city. Positive industry created positive economic growth but do you see any here?

The problem lies in not applying for various state or federal funding, poor interior economic management, and no financial responsibility to anyone except their own city employees.

This is not how most cities have operated since the downturn of this economy and we all know we were left hardest hit.

This council needs to drive through other cities in Florida to see their beautifications, new renovations, and prosperities.

They need to ask themselves what they are doing wrong?

Prosperity is not created through over assessments and taxation.

Blight in our city will not go away until this city government takes appropriate steps to solve their own issues rather than pass more unnecessary hardship onto their citizens because of their own poor city planning and management

Deborah Green

Cape Coral



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