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Now what?

May 17, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

What does America do with a president that has zero credibility for the remaining days of his second term in office? He is a human package of endless, self-made contradictions who gives seemingly thoughtless voice to haphazard schemes so absent of truth that a vacuum of disbelief renders him less meaningful with each phony utterance.

Within 24 hours of the Benghazi attack there were at least four or more important and competent sources reporting that the planned attack was carried out by terrorists. One source was Beth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department who sent an email on Sept. 12 reporting, "The group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al Sharia, is affiliated with Islamic terrorists." There were reports from various intel sources confirming this, plus the lead CIA person in Libya with eyewitnesses on the scene, plus the Libyan president. Yet our president with others in his administration swiftly set out to create a concoction so deliberately misleading that at least 12 hurried drafts (ABC News reports) infamously known now as "talking points" became an unthinkable and dishonorable part of our nation's history.

The president sent (or approved) U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to present what they knew was fiction to the American people in no uncertain but emphatic terms on all five Sunday news broadcasts six days after the murder of our Libyan ambassador and three other Americans. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made public speeches from the same script and our president on Sept. 25 in what was a sinister eulogy for ambassador Chris Stevens addressed the U.N. and the world with the talking points, "...a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world."

A known lie from the president to America and the U.N. Assembly.

Outrage? Yes Mr. President, outrage over a massive falsification to the American people joined by the help of many others in your administration, all of whom are no longer trustworthy.

He may not have "...had sex with that woman." But worse still, no president can conspire to purposely mislead the American people with such a large group of corrupt affiliates and continue to be America's president.

Revelations that have astounded us in past days sound like fears of far reaching conspiracy theorists but in fact are even worse and have been confessed by those that actually did them. Now his secret police-style IRS has admitted to pervasive targeting of certain conservative and Jewish groups in still another rapidly growing anti-American scandal.

This is the same IRS that will administer his "Obamacare" health care "train wreck." So who will be targets when thousands of the new people he hired at IRS control you and more then your personal health information?

Who would have thought that in the "Land of the Free" any one of us could be methodically lied to as if by standard process and at the same time singled out to become victims of our own corrupt and tyrannical government?

This letter may easily assure me a spot on their list. Proud I'll be if I make that grade.

John McCuen

Cape Coral



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