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The ‘Slippery 6’

May 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The Cape Coral Council meeting, on Monday, April 29, was a disgraceful display of government gone wild.

With the tax issue on the agenda, council chambers were filled with citizens anxious to express their ideas for increasing the city's revenue and to point out to the mayor and council why the tax proposal was unfair. The meeting began with one of the councilmen suggesting that a "gag order" be put in place for all citizen speakers, limiting input to three minutes for each individual.

Added to that, another councilman wanted the decree to include that speakers could not be redundant when addressing the council. The vote on this incredibly disrespectful idea was 6 yes and 2 no. Only Councilman Chulakes-Leetz and Mayor Sullivan voted on the side of fairness to the ratepayers. And only Councilman Leetz and Mayor Sullivan expressed any interest in alternative revenue ideas and the public's feeling about the tax proposal. The others just know better.

Let's talk about redundancy first. If ever there was guilt relative to being redundant, it's the slippery six. Listening to this group is tantamount to sitting in a room with monkeys babbling without rhyme or reason. At every meeting, what could be described in 20 words, we are subjected to utterances that are both disjointed and painfully long winded. It's always the remarks made by the slippery 6 that deserve the handle of "redundant."

As for the 3 minutes ordered for the citizens, why wasn't that restriction placed on the council members as well? At least by doing that the council would have shown some fairness.

Now let's get to the sickening 6 to 2 voting on each issue.

Only Mayor Sullivan and Councilman Leetz show any indication that they have reviewed the issues and they understand the ramifications. The slippery 6 are simply in lock step with one another with absolutely no concern for their constituency. Thanks to the slippery 6, our democracy built on a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is not available in Cape Coral.It's shameful and disgusting and hopefully, in November, those that disrespected the citizens, those 6 that said "I've got my mind made up, don't confuse me with the facts."

Those 6 that stood on the "tax-and-spend" side. And, those 6 who, on Monday night, lost our respect, let's remember and make them pay the price at the polls.

As for Councilman Leetz and Mayor Sullivan, these are men with character, conscience, and compassion.

Let's reward their behavior by voting them back and by giving them a group to work with that is not drunk with power.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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