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They’re back

May 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The "Totally Egocentric American," the T-People, are back at City Council meetings. Seems they have caught the new city manager, red handed, plotting with his evil department heads to take more money out of their pockets with a public service tax!

You see, for the T-People, everything is about them. The city government is "taking" their hard-earned money for no good reason. To add injury to insult, for them, the government is "wasting and squandering" their money. These are people with a "right to their opinion," even though many times their opinion is far from right. Guess they feel like Nancy, who urged, why can't they, "just say NO," to all taxes.

Perhaps in their favor, it can be said T-People are "exuberant." They cheer and clap when they agree with speakers. This seems to create the atmosphere of wrestling match where "anger and aggression are applauded." They have not quite grasped the concept that Citizens' Input is an open public forum, that, yes, their viewpoint and solutions are appropriate, but their personal show of anger, their denigration of city staff, their personal accusations of character flaws, their fear of the government always plotting against them, are their personal opinion, their subjective judgment and that they create unnecessary turmoil at Council meetings.

However, the T-People are evolving! Although most did not like the Public Service Tax, they did say they would support an increase in the millage rate. That's funny, because the last time there was a "millage rate battle," their "no tax increase friends" on council fought tooth and nail to reduce the millage rate to allow homeowners to save about $17 so they could buy a large pizza!

By the time the city manager rose to speak and had his department heads explain the problems, almost all of the complainers had left the chambers. They did not want to hear what they did not want to hear.

They have a right to their opinion, and they have a right to speak at citizen's input. The concern is the personal anger they bring to council chambers, how quick they are to blame others, their just plain rude tone, as if they are "entitled" to be rude to anyone and everyone, and most of all the hateful and negative atmosphere they cultivate.

What happen to being "civil?" What happen to listening to other points of view?

The difficult task of analysis and problem solving are not their responsibility. Sound bites and platitudes say it best for the T-People. "Enough is enough," "taxed enough already," "do not trust government," "all politicians are crooked," so "God bless America!" I am so confused.

I do not like this P.S.T. either, but I understand the City Manager and will support his plan till something better is offered.

F.C. Perry

Cape Coral



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