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That terrible Cape Coral City Council has done it again!

May 9, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Back before Terry Stewart was run out of town, he and that council alone caused not only the collapse of the Cape Coral economy, but all of Florida and most of the United States! (He is now much appreciated as City Manager of Fort Myers Beach as he was before he came to Cape Coral.)

The "Fab Five" and its followers came in and taught us how to save money by neglecting everybody and everything we need to maintain. Easy, huh! No new taxes. The heroes.

The only thing they failed at was making Cape Coral a "world destination." Those pinheads could have done that by merely hanging the Ten Commandments on the wall at city hall. "Fab Five's" best follower told them so.

Now look what our "Slick Six" has done!

By saying we must start catching up on all that has been totally neglected - they have caused the cities around us (Fort Myers the latest) to think, they also, had better start catching up on what was not properly maintained during the extreme down times.

Maybe we should follow the "Fab Five" thinking and not spend anything on taking care of our homes, our car, and our health. Wow! Look at the money we could save. Any repercussions?

Bill Wendt

Cape Coral



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