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Here come the clowns

May 3, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Welcome to "Carrnie Town Cape Coral!" Yes, we have reached a level that we should start looking for the clowns in the little cars driving down Del Prado Boulevard. Having lived here over 20 years and knowing that there are "codes" on the books for signage for businesses, I just can't believe that it has gotten so out of hand. Yes, we are living in hard economic times, but why do businesses feel they are so privileged to be able to do just whatever they want to do when it comes to advertising for business. These businesses are making this city trashy with unregulated signage. I have seen "Elmo" doing what he does best, distract someone driving at 50 mph with his wiggle down Pine Island and also on Cape Coral Boulevard.

Councilman McClain, where have you been for the past five years? You mean to tell me that you have driven around this city for the past years and you now have noticed what unregulated signage has done to Cape Coral! When you drive down to Naples, Florida you certainly don't see such a mess of "sandwich boards or half flags" littering their streets! Maybe Community Development and others need to look at how Naples can pull it off and we can't. There was a time when the city had a person that his main job was to see that the "signage code" was enforced, oh yes, that's when we were a city that wanted to attract people to live here and were the "good old days gone forever"!

If Councilman McClain can get this city cleaned up I'll be very, very surprised and shocked. Of course he'll need the help of the other councilmen to make this happen. So what are the chances of everyone working together for this new signage ordinance to actually get on a table to be signed into law? Probably zero!

Tess Bednarski

Cape Coral



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