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Pedestrians on Estero Parkway

March 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I realize that there is a state law in Florida this says that vehicles must yield to pedestrians when they are crossing the road. Unfortunately, this is one of the laws that are not frequently enforced. That is sad and has cost the lives of many people.

Recently there was a petition submitted that requested safety markers be added to ensure the safety of the pedestrians. To my knowledge, there has been no request to step up police protection for the same purpose, even though there is a law in place for that.

It seems that there is something that we have forgotten; that pedestrians also have an obligation for their own safety to look both ways before crossing. We should also remember that the roads were built for vehicles and that if pedestrians were going to cross the road they should do it at the corners or in designated areas.

To ensure the safe crossing, the painted lines have been added to the street. In addition to this, pedestrian crossing signs have been added with flashing lights that can be activated by the pedestrian pressing a button. I agree that this is a nice gesture to protect the pedestrian; however the cost of this seems exorbitant. The cost was $55,000 I am not a sign maker but it seems that I must've missed my calling.

When one looks at this safety feature, most would guess that the cost would certainly be less than $10,000. I do not know if this job was placed out for bids, but it certainly should have been. Perhaps we have a contract with a certain sign maker. If we do, at the end of the contract we certainly need to renegotiate.

Mary West

Cape Coral



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