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Where is the public

March 16, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze


To the editor:

Where is the public outrage at the actions of the President and the Executive Branch of Government regarding sequestration? Take a look at the decisions they are making to inflict maximum pain, inconvenience and frustration on the public, all because the rate of growth of government spending was cut by a small amount. The actions of this government remind me of a big corporation that is losing money and decides to cut spending, not by laying off a few executives but by firing thousands of hourly workers. This is flat wrong and destructive. It is vindictive and just plain mean. This is our elected leader and he is not acting in the best interest of the American public. He is acting in his own political interest. In this situation, this is at odds with what is best for the nation and I believe that it is unconstitutional.

Consider that the White House is now closed to public (self-guided) tours. It costs the Government about $80,000 a week to support this activity. Because the staff (involved in providing this activity) still works at the White House, the true weekly savings is almost negligible. Yet every newspaper has written about this action because this is so visible and the public impact is real. Why not lay off a few White House czars or staff members (many earning $100K-plus each year)? This would have minimal public effect and probably save the nation from more unnecessary regulations and rules. Then they could keep the White House tours. Or why furlough thousands of border agents and put national security at risk, when the President could simply skip a few golf games and save a like amount of money? Where is the public outrage?

Duncan Russell

Cape Coral

They come and go

To the editor:

I would like to suggest to President Obama that he study the administration of one of his predecessors, Calvin Coolidge who, in his assent to the office of the presidency in 1923, stated early on in office "we must have no carelessness in our dealings with public property or the expenditure of public money. Such a condition is characteristic of undeveloped people, or a decadent generation".

He also stated, "I am for economy and after that I am for more economy," so said the man.

Calvin Coolidge, who was our president from 1923 to 1929, sustained a budget surplus and left office with a smaller budget than the one he inherited. During that same period our America experienced a proliferation of jobs, a dramatic increase in the standards of living, higher wages, and a 3 to 4 percent annual economic growth. The key to this was Coolidge's penchant for saying "no."

At one time during his tenure in office he had occasion to be walking around the White House grounds with one of the senators who jokingly pointed at the White House and asked him "who lives there?" "Nobody," Coolidge replied, "they just come and go."

Think on that President Obama. "They just come and go".

This fella really did feel he was simply "a servant of the people", something all real Americans want and appreciate.

Please remember that Mr. President and try to act accordingly.

Thank You,

Joe Curran

Cape Coral



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