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Good old boy’s party not so good for the middle class

March 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The message of Mr. Berardi, "The good old boys will not concede, we will destroy the country."

The blame game never seems to end, and those actually responsible for the mess just can't accept their responsibility.

Chris Berardi had an opportunity in his opinion to offer some hope to the suffering poor and middle class of Florida. I know he has heard this before. Chris and his Party forgot some lessons. If you make a mess, clean it, you should learn from your mistakes, and America always works better when we work together and share.

It seems Mr. Berardi forgot the mess his party of small government and lower tax caused. Remember the mess the present administration inherited from a do-nothing Bush Administration? Remember the 10-plus years of tax cuts for the rich (forget the middle class) and corporate tax cuts? Remember smaller government to them meant no rules, let big business; banks, investment banks, Realtors, creditors, insurance companies, etc. make their rules? When the economy collapses, run away and blame someone else. Leave them to resolve the problem of an economy that was losing jobs, not creating any middle class opportunities, encouraging companies to export wealth. No investment in infrastructure, storm damage (Katrina and Sandy) of no concern, unrelenting oil spills (BP) because of poor supervision of oil companies, housing market collapse and billions of foreclosures. Your Party's less spending meant no to unemployment earnings, no to food stamps for the poor, no to cost-of-living increase for seniors, no to Medicaid for the poor, only to families with income less that $11,000 a year could get help with dependent children. Seniors living marginally on Social Security are forced to work at bagging groceries or checking out at Walmart or guard duty jobs.

Yes, your Party created a mess and refused to help clean it up. They set out from the beginning to make our government fail and bring pain on America. They refused to recognize budgets, refused to pass any legislation. When the stimulus passed you set out to negate it. At the state level your Party hired (first responders, teachers, and police) then fired three months later. They accepted money for projects and failed to complete them.

Consistently the good old boy's Party produces an economy whose 25 percent of the wealth is controlled by 1 percent of the population. They reduce taxes on the rich; reduce wages to workers thus augmenting the rich's ability to grow. There is increase in the number of billionaires, increase in poverty, and increase in homeless.

Currently in Fort Myers 33.7 percent of children live under the poverty level, 14 percent under 50 percent of the poverty level. This is shocking. I often wonder how those in your Party can sleep at night.

I agree sequestration should not happen. I hoped that we could get some agreement to solve the problems. President Obama offered a clear plan to avoid this, with a budget and plan to share the burden. These were all refused. Well I say let the sequestration go forward and run its course. I know the poor and middle class will suffer, but they are used to suffering, both physical and mental. The only way we can get your Party to reason is to bring some suffering and pain to the upper class and rich when company profits fall, stock indices and funds go down, waiting lines increase, food prices are high, and private jets find it hard to land at crowded airports. Perhaps then we will get some compromise.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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