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False statements deserve the truth

February 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is sometimes necessary to answer false statements and wild accusations made by letter writers. This, certainly, happens to be such an occasion where corrections are needed. Can they, however, handle the truth?

In the Feb. 16, 2013, mailbag of the Daily Breeze Newspapers letter writer F.C. Perry made disparaging remarks about me and the Cape Coral City Council. They were false, incorrect and misleading to say the least. An apology would be expected, but is not anticipated.

Mr. Perry deviously writes that in 2010 the three-year contract for K-C's River Stop was approved by a group of "council members from the Road Ahead Group." This is a false statement and incorrect facts, as usual. If he chooses to invest a little time and watch the June 7, 2010, Council workshop and the following week's regular City Council voting meeting of June 14, 2010, he will find the truth about Ordinance 50-10. However, Mr. Perry, let me save you the time and work since I have already completed it for you.

The June 7th workshop was basically uneventful and I did not even speak on the topic. At the following regular voting meeting of June 14th, a few questions were asked of staff; answers were provided and a motion made. The motion was seconded by none other than the District 6 Council Member Mr. McGrail. Is the District 6 Councilman now a Road Ahead Group member too? The sky must be falling, if such is true. Then to make matters worse, the entire sitting Council that evening voted unanimously, 7-0 (one member absent) to approve the contract with K-C's River Stop.

I guess Council Members Donnell, McGrail and McClain and Mayor Sullivan have also joined the Road Ahead Group. They voted yes for the ordinance that evening. I am checking, though I still do not see the sky falling!

Mr. Perry further rants that there is a political connection and value to supporting K-C's River Stop owners and their desire to accept the option to continue business for the three years as agreed to in the original contract of 2010. It would appear Mr. Perry continues to be oblivious to the following facts: 1) an option in a contract usually goes to the lessee unless, of course, it is the desire to deal unfairly and dishonestly by the lessor; 2) the lessees, in this case the Serragos, have never given a dime to a political candidate in Cape Coral to the best of my knowledge; 3) like myself, I do not believe the Serragos ever received anything from the Road Ahead Group and never have I not an email, not an invitation, nothing. Is Mr. Perry familiar with such business-as-usual methods?

No one has ever told me the Road Ahead Group was any more than concerned citizens on an email chain. Where is my email? I still have not received one and I am concerned. So to make allegations about being part of a group, Mr. Perry needs to go take a good look in the mirror and see what stands by him whispering imaginary things in his gullible ears.

I am proud of the "Groups" I support with my time as the only invaluable commodity we each possess: Pets are Working Saints a pet therapy group; Harney Point VFW; and the wonderful Special Populations Program run by the City.

If Mr. Perry has a problem with "Groups" or even individuals I am really involved with, he should be a man and pick up the phone or meet me for coffee.

By the way, Mr. Perry, when I was the only Council Member to respond to your complaining email to the entire City Council about how you were mentioned by name by another citizen, you told me on the phone you appreciated my frank honesty and direct dealing on the issue; and that I had been the only Council Member to give you the courtesy of a call. I guess you already forgot about that discussion. Some humans have such a selective memory. Get a dog! They never forget.

The opinions of Mr. Perry cover everything from a supreme fix to Council manipulation. Again, maybe Mr. Perry is well aware of such and assumes that of others.

If he had listened for one moment he would have heard me say I do not support destroying a functioning business for no good reason. I supported an RFP for the Pavilion at the Yacht Club. That quasi-building is empty 300 plus days a year and that could make a terrific footprint for a "Fine Dining establishment." Taking something that is working and destroying it for the sake of alleged progress is not a policy I will support.

We should be building on what is already good in Cape Coral, not replacing it with something still unknown. Support an RFP for the Pavilion and maybe we will see some real improvement. But wait, that might cost Mr. Perry and the special interests money to build from the ground up. Why do that when he and his cronies can just take away from the average business owner what they spent two decades creating.

Welcome to the worst we have to offer, as a City.

In summary, I would encourage everyone reading this to attend my next Town Hall meeting, today, Feb. 23, at 10 a.m., at the South Library off Mohawk Parkway, 921 S.W. 39th Terrace. We will be discussing many issues with only the facts involved. No ranting allowed.

Even you should attend Mr. Perry, if you can handle the truth. By the way, sir, I will admit I do have one other special interest "Group" I support. The same one I supported in my first election bid, i.e., the working and retired average taxpayers and residents of our City. If you have a problem with that, please let all of us know.

Chris Chulakes-Leetz

District 4 City Council



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